Why Is It Important to Know How to Head an Essay?

Headlines, unlike texts, will be read with almost 100%probability. Also with almost 100% probability, the headerdetermines whether the text under it will be read or not.

The title in the text plays the same role as the shop window onthe shopping street. The storefront informs what kind of goods inthis store are being sold, and attracts to buy it right now,promising a big discount or some other special terms of sale. Thesame way the headline tells what the text is about, and promptsthe reader to plunge into the topic.

As a showcase can cheat, promising a discount that is not reallyavailable, the same way the headline can promise the informationthat is missing in the text. Especially often it occurs on theinternet. For example, the text with the title “The end of theworld was confirmed by scientists” tells that astronomers havedetected a flash in one of the black holes of the Milky Way andnow plan to send a telescope into space to better view this partof the universe.

Thus, it is important to know how to head an essay and your taskis to find the brightest foreshortening of the text, which ismost likely to interest the reader. To solve this problem, thereare several methods.

Effective Headlines: Principle of Action

Really effective headlines affect the psychosomatic system of aperson through so-called psycho-hooks. In other words, suchheadlines cause a psychological reaction in a person, which isexpressed in increasing the activity of the brain and causingemotions necessary to the author. If the headline doesn’t hook aperson (does not contain psychic hooks), then changes in thestate of the reader do not occur and, as a result, the effect isreduced to zero.

Ways for Creating Headers

So, let’s look at several techniques for creating headlines,detailing which psycho-hooks are used in them, and what effectthey have on a person.


The question in the title makes a person answer itsubconsciously. The highlight is that in order to answer aquestion, it needs to be comprehended, let through. This meansthat, regardless of whether he wants it or not, the reader paysattention to your text.

Questions can be rhetorical, concrete, or abstract. However,there is always one thing in common: directly or indirectly, theyindicate that the answer lies in the text, but you need to readthe text for this.

Examples of such headings:

  • Why do you feel dizzy?
  • Why cannot you afford a holiday in the Maldives?
  • How much time per day do you spend on killing yourself?
  • Where is your conscience?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • How much is the hour of your work?

Different questions cause different reactions and accentuate thereader’s attention on different aspects.

Solution of the Problem (Answer to a Question)

People, by nature, are lazy creatures. Of course, it is ageneralized and exaggerated opinion, but, in fact, this is how itreally is. If there is an opportunity to get a ready solution tothe actual problem, instead of looking for the answer yourself,most people will take advantage of this. The answer to thequestion is a key for any writer in terms of impact on theaudience. The trick is simple: choose a problem, give itssolution in the text, and in the title, show that the textcontains a solution.

Examples of such headings:

  • How to stop worrying and start living
  • Where to get a lot of money and immediately
  • How to get rid of back pain
  • How much does freedom cost?

The most popular are the headlines, beginning with the word“How.” The general stereotype suggests that the word “how,” bydefault, is a practical guide, which is very, very useful, whichis why readers have particular confidence in this word.

Pay attention to how people enter search queries when they arelooking for something: “How to make a mask,” “How to talk to aboss,” “How to lose weight,” etc.

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Personal Experience

People always have more confidence in those who have already donesomething, and not with those who just talk about how to dosomething. Demagoguery and result are completely differentthings. Compare the two headings:

  • How to earn $1,000 per week
  • How I earned $1,000 in a week

To which of the questions do you have a greater interest andtrust? Most likely, you want to read the paper that uses thesecond title. If you know how to head an essay professionally,the results will be amazing.

Examples of headings:

  • How I lost 20 kilos in 2 weeks
  • How did the pack of Marlboro help me in a fight with 5hooligans?

In addition, the title may include not only the personalexperience of the author, but also of a third person. The moreauthoritative and known this person is, the more confidence youcan evoke from the reader.


  • How Bill Gates earned his first million
  • What does Schumacher do when he punches a wheel
  • How do bankers make money on the dynamics of the exchangerate?

Secret and Intrigue

People simply adore secrets, especially if these secrets willallow them to gain certain advantages. Still people like otherpeople’s secrets, even just so, without any advantages. Playingon human curiosity, you have very high chances to attractreaders’ attention to your text.

If you want to know how to head an essay to attract the readersfollow one of these examples:

  • The money you walk on without noticing
  • The secret of Nero, which made him great
  • The secret of obtaining a double profit if you are anentrepreneur


Numbers in the headings act as a conditional quantitativeindicator of the saturation or simplicity of mastering thematerial. In other words, numbers are a measure that allows aperson to estimate a priori how much benefit he will get fromreading a particular text, and how easy it will be for him toperceive the proposed information. The higher the number, themore saturated the material, and it lures in volume, while thelower the number means something is easier and more practical,and entices with ease and transparency. Making such a certainty,the writer can manipulate the audience, for example, by mixinguseful information with a commercial layer.


  • 100 and 1 way to become the soul of the company
  • A book that in 20 minutes will make you a superhero
  • 5 true ways to find inspiration
  • 24 flaws of novice programmers


Accents give headings qualitatively new properties, strengtheningthem in several times. By themselves, accents can be ordinary,inconspicuous words, but in conjunction with the title theymultiply its effectiveness. A distinctive feature of the accentis that it always points at something.


  • These rakes will make your neighbors jealous of you
  • Once you read this, you will begin to predict the future!
  • Who still wants to earn $1,000 a week without making aneffort?
  • Buy our alarm system, and hijackers of your car will bebehind bars
  • You lose hundreds of dollars a year because of ignorance ofthis nuance

Suggesting Fear

Fear is a very strong motivating factor. If you fill yourheadlines with fear, they move the audience to read the maintext. It’s simple. People instinctively try to protect themselvesfrom all negative factors. If there is any chance that in thearticle a person will find salvation and secure himself, then theperson will read it.


  • You lose $3,000 each year without this skill
  • Mixing these products burns the stomach for a day
  • Just one word can save your marriage from destruction


Guarantees, in fact, is a derivative of fear. When a person feelsprotected, he becomes more loyal to the text he reads.


  • 24 hours, and your skin shines! Otherwise we will refund yourmoney!
  • You will forget about the problems forever!
  • You will never be in need of anything!

Non-Standard Approach

In most cases, people have a filter for many headings, becausepeople, in principle, know what to expect. Non-standard orcontradictory solutions attract attention and can break throughthis filter. If you know how to head an essay using thisprinciple, you will be able to attract many readers to yourpaper.


  • I’m putting you into a trance while you’re reading this text
  • Yes, take back your money
  • Do not dare read what is written here

Topical Headings

Finally, the most powerful headings are headings that point andhit hard at the person’s most painful place: pride, self-esteem,fears, problems, etc., which are relevant for this person. Inthis case, the success of the heading reaches the 90% mark.


  • Forget about losing your hair
  • Enough working for someone else
  • Tired of fighting weeds?


People are interested in, first of all, their problems and theirneeds. If your heading has a direct or indirect relationship tothese needs, then it is very likely that the person will startreading the main text. Of course, in each specific case the titlewill have its own unique characteristics, however the generalprinciples of impact on the audience given in this article canhelp you increase the impact of your headlines in several timesat the expense of just one or a couple of words.

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